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April 27, 2009

I love free stuff. There is nothing more exciting to me than finding high quality online media/tools for free. So instead of keeping this joy all to myself, I am going to share it with you!

For months I have been collecting a list of very useful sites for the online professional. I will do my best to keep this list as current as possible so please feel free to “Share It.”

Free Stock Photos:

Free Stock Photos – Probably my favorite free stock site. The images are very large in size.

Free Stock Photos – My second favorite free stock site.  The images aren’t as large as stock.xchng, but still they are free. You do not have to have an account to download images.

Free Vector Images/Clipart:

Vector Portal – Truly a great site for vector images/clipart. Included are logo objects, shapes, stock vectors, shapes for illustrator and so much more.

Vector Images – Some more high quality vectors.

Vector Images – A collection of free vectors.

Vector Images – Another collection of free vectors.

Free Quality Fonts:

Free Fonts – It’s easy to find free fonts, but it’s the high quality one’s we are going for here.

Have you ever worked on a project started by someone else, only to find out you don’t know what font it is. Well this solves your problem:

What The Font

Free Christian Stock Media:

Muddy River Media

I will be adding more as I find them. Meanwhile, if you think you have a link that is newsworthy enough to add to the list, add it as a comment and I will gladly review it and add it to the list. Stay tuned for more free stuff.

15 Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites

April 8, 2009

In my effort to simplify the internet (is that even possible?), I am launching blog posts of useful tools, tricks and free stuff.  Cool? Right?

With that being said, here is a list of 15 high ranking do follow social bookmarking sites.

For those of you who don’t now, there is a difference between “nofollow” and “do follow” links. The nofollow link does not pass the Google Pagerank to the links on it’s page where the do follow does.

In other words, these are the best use of your time.

  1. Folkd (PR7)
  2. Oneview (German) (PR7)
  3. Spurl (PR6)
  4. Feedmarker (PR6) – Feedmarker now charges $50.00 to create an account.
  5. LinkaGoGo (PR5)
  6. SpotBack (PR5)
  7. Connectedy (PR5)
  8. Blinklist (PR5)
  9. MyLinkVault (PR4)
  10. A1 Webmarks (PR4)
  11. OYAX (PR4)
  12. Pixelmo (PR4)
  13. TeDigo (PR2)
  14. MyPIP (PR3)
  15. SyncOne (PR3)

BTW, I have done my research and these are the best quality links you can get. If you know of anymore, please post them and I will review.

If you like this post, please “Share It.”

Liberty Names of America Domain Renewal SCAM

April 2, 2009

Last year, I registered a domain name for a client and didn’t turn on the free WHOIS privacy that I get through my registrar at no charge when I purchase a domain name for $14.95 (ah hem…Godaddy charges $9.95 for the domain name and $25.00 per year for privacy – that’s how they get you ).

What happened as a result of not turning on this privacy has been a host of fake domain name renewals from various domain name renewal services all with an address of Niagara Falls, NY but the name varies each time. This time they are called “Liberty Names of America.”

I remember last time I got a fake renewal letter like this, I called them up and told them to take me off of their mailing list. They blatantly said “No!” I said “Yes! You are sending this letter to the wrong person – I know what is going on. Don’t send me anything else from your company.” They replied, “Don’t worry, we will.” And they didn’t lie, I got another one, this time from Liberty Names of America.

I know this is an age old scam and I remember in the 90’s working for a company where the president had bought 20 or so domain names. We received hundreds of renewal notices for these domains – so many that it seemed like every day our domains were up for renewal.

It’s a shame that this problem still exists and that no one is stopping them. I guess my best piece of advice is make sure your domain registrar is an accredited I-CANN domain name reseller and stick to only one registrar to avoid confusion.

As for Liberty Names of America, I hope somebody shuts you down or your wasting $.42 on each bogus renewal letter puts you out of business.  I recycled this piece of junk mail so at least some good came out of it.

Do not renew your domain name with Liberty Names of America, they are a SCAM!

The BBB has granted Liberty Names of America the grade of an “F!”

Google Pagerank Update Right on Time

April 2, 2009

It’s that time of year, the first quarter of 2009 is officially passed. And with the beginning of a new quarter comes higher Pagerank, for some, that is. How do you rank? faired above average with this update. We increased from a Pagerank of 2 to a 3 for our home page. Some other pages that show an increase in Pagerank was our Testimonials page and some of our more popular blog posts. Posts such as Dentist in Trouble for Buying Bugs and Steve Wilson of is a SCAM both came out of the update with a Pagerank of 2.

I can’t help but look back at projects I have done in the past to see how my projects have paid off. I peeked at Custom Modular Homes and see their home page has also increased to a Pagerank of 3. Along with the Pagerank increase, so has their search engine rankings for “custom modular homes” and  “custom modular homes ct“.

Other notable mentions are botticellis niece moved up to a Pagerank of 2. Pharmacy Expert Witness also moved up to a Pagerank of 2. Christian Women Speakers also moved up to a Pagerank of 2.

I am sure there are more great results out there.

Want to know your Pagerank? Get the “searchstatus” browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox, it shows both the Pagerank and the Alexa traffic ranking for every site/page visited.

Now it’s back to work for the next update which is at the end of the second quarter around June 30th, 2009. How will you rank?

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