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The Importance Of Using the Right Email Address for Your Business

October 17, 2011

There are many internet server providers (ISP) and websites offering free email accounts today. For some, this seems like a viable option and for the individual, it may be. However, for the business owner, it is a choice that should be reconsidered. Although some ISP’s for free email do their best to promote using them as your primary email account, touting that you can choose your address or that you have more memory, the benefits pointed out will be far outweighed by the credibility you lose as a legitimate business.

Believability Is Key

Look at it as a business owner or decision maker. When we receive an email from gmail, aol, or yahoo, we are generally less apt to take that email as seriously as an email from “admin@yourcompany.com”. If you feel that way about businesses who use free email accounts, then it begs the question why would you use one? In addition to the lack of credibility associated with free accounts, there is another reason that choosing to use your business email account is a wise choice when setting up your email provider, one based purely from a marketing standpoint.

Marketing And Branding As A Rationale For Your Business Email

Businesses pay money to make themselves more visible on the internet everyday. Although some marketing is best left up to the experts, many businesses are simply losing out on free marketing opportunities such as an email address. Look at it from the perspective of your clients and prospective clients. You have already lost believability by using a free account and now you have also lost an opportunity to promote your website. Every chance you have to offer up your URL is one more valid promotion of your company name and website.

Your Reputation Is In Your Hands

As a businessperson, your reputation is everything. How others perceive you is as important for business as your product or service. If perspective clients shy away from you before they even try your product or service, then any amount of promoting will do no good. You must represent yourself in the most positive light possible. In short, it is in your best interest to use only official email addresses for your business. Leave the free email accounts for individuals and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Air Charter Westchester New York HPN

July 1, 2009

Arrive in Style with Air Charters from Panorama Flight Service Located at Westchester County Airport (HPN), New York!

Treat yourself to luxury in a new Cessna Citation Mustang Air Charter. This people pleaser is a new addition to our growing fleet of jets for private travel. The Mustang, a 4-passenger jet, is an ideal balance of good looks, performance and efficiency. And with its more-than-ample storage area, advanced engine controls and sleek aerodynamic design, the Mustang is the bold, smart choice for an entire new generation of air charters.

If you need a to carry more than 4-passengers, consider the 7-passenger Learjet 60. This rocket with class is a testament to the Learjet heritage of excellence, from its legendary high-speed climbing performance and high operating ceiling, to its great runway looks.

The Bombardier Learjet 60 comes elegantly appointed with more of what corporate travelers appreciate on long flights. The spacious, stand-up cabin is completed with precious wood veneers, rich, supple leathers and the finest fabrics to create a feeling of functional luxury, while the galley’s gourmet capabilities can assist in elevating the aircraft charter experience to the exquisite.

For the ultimate experience in corporate air charters, consider the 10-passenger Challenger 600 Executive Corporate Jet. With its 8-foot wide cabin, full stand-up height and ample space for ten passengers and their luggage, the Challenger 600 is a large-cabin aircraft with a passenger-friendly interior. This classic aircraft offers an economical way to move up to the large cabin category for your next chartered aircraft.

If these aircrafts don’t meet your private jet travel needs, we have access to many others but first we have to hear from you. We invite you to contact Ken Healy at 914-328-9800 or email him at: khealy@flypfs.com to arrive in style at your next destination.

Air Charter Westchester New York HPN

Panorama Flight Service has been providing air charters from the New York (HPN) area since 1961. We understand the importance private jet travel is for the busy executive as well as the discriminating traveler who places a premium on privacy, flexibility and efficiency.

Conveniently located at Westchester County Airport (HPN), just outside New York City, Panorama’s air charter operation provides an easily accessible and low-cost base of operations for your private and executive jet travel requirements.

Get a Quote from Panorama Flight Service:
914-328-9800 (New York)
888-359-7266 (Toll Free)
212-967-9800 (New York City)

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