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Free Backlinks: Social Poster Explained

Written by Harmonie • Filed Under Blogging, Google SEO  • March 30, 2009

It used to be very difficult to get backlinks from other websites to pages within your site. In fact, it took a lot of time, trading, hassle and maybe even money. Almost so much time that it was hard to justify. Now, with the social media craze and poularity it is as easy as the time you take to get the backlinks.

It will only cost you your time.

For all of the bloggers reading this message, what I am about to explain to you will be your GOLD. This method will put your blog posts on page 1 of Google. I have tried, tested and approve of this method as 100% pure whitehat SEO.

Once you have done your keyword research and have written your blog post, and it has been published to the web. Head over to Social Poster. You will see a long listing of all the social media sites, you will see an “R” for register, and “L” for login, and a “Post” to post to that social media site. In the next column you will see the Google Pagerank for that site (very important for determining quality) and in the final colum you will see the Alexa Rank which is the traffic estimate or popularity of the site (also important for determining quality).

Off to the right you will see the text box to enter the URL of your blog post, the title (remember to optimize as this will be the link back to your site), the text describing your post and finally the tags to classify your post on the social media sites.

Here’s the kicker…you must register for each one of these sites using the “R’ mentioned above. It surely may take some time, but once registered, you are registered for life. In the future, you will only have to use the “L” for logging in. Once you have registered or logged in and filled in the URL, title, text and tags information, you are set to hit “Post”.

Within 1-2 days watch your blog post rise. Within 2 weeks, watch your Google Webmaster Tools >> Links >> External Links for this blog post. You will see a good portion of links there.

Your Challenge: I challenge you to go blog, optimize your post, publish, head over to Social Poster and register for the first 20 sites and post to them. Come back and report what happened to your blog post over the next week. I would love to hear how this worked for you.


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