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Creating A Flickr Tab For Your Business Page – A Step By Step

Written by Harmonie • Filed Under Social Media  • September 11, 2010

Just like many other applications linking accounts to Facebook, adding a Flickr Tab is an item of convenience. Not only do you save time by not having to add each picture to Flickr and Facebook, but you increase future productivity.

Like Twitter, there are a number of Flickr Tabs and Applications to choose from, but not all work with fan page. This makes actually finding the app that will work for you, the most difficult aspect to adding it at all. I have found that the best Flickr app for Facebook is one known as Flickr Tab.
Though it does cost a small yearly fee to upgrade your Flickr account,$10.00, it is a tried and true application that works well.

Note: if you are simply adding a Flickr Tab to a personal profile, the $10.00 upgrade will not be necessary, it is only necessary for “pages” in Facebook.

The object of having a Flickrtab is to allow your Facebook fans to see all of your pictures from your Flickr account, including updates, without having to actually visit Flickr.

1. If you are an administrator – log into your Facebook profile and choose the page you will be managing from your account settings.

2. In the search bar, type in Flickr and choose the app called Flickr Tab

3. Make sure that if you manage more than one Facebook or Flickr account you are on the ones that will be linked.

4. Add the application to your Facebook page by allowing access to Flickr, this can be done without a profile or administrator so you don’t have to be logged in as an administrator for this step, but you will need to be for the next step.

5. If you are not already logged in as an administrator, do so now to complete the link between your accounts. It will ask you for access to your profile information; you must allow access to go any further.

* You may also want to be logged into Flickr for simplicity as you will have to go there soon anyway.

6. At this point, you can go back to the Flickr Tab app http://www.facebook.com/flickrtab and add the tab to your page, except now you have to pay $10 to become a VIP member on Flickr to do so.

7. To become a VIP member of Flickr, simply choose “You” from the top tabs, opt for the “your account” option and choose to upgrade to a Pro account.

8. Once you pay to become a VIP member using paypal, the Flickr feed will be added to your Facebook fan page.

Your Flickr Tab will update each time you update your Flickr account allowing your fans to see your Flickr Photos from your Facebook page.


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